Located on a hillside above the lake Rur, this lovely project designed by LHVH Architekten, called suggestively the Lake House is a soothing and relaxing place, with wonderful panoramic views and excellent living conditions. Uncluttered and open, the house manages to transmit accurately the values of a home while capturing the essence of the enchanting surroundings. The region of Kreuzau is tranquil and peaceful – just perfect for a home that offers you more warmth and freedom of movement than any other urban dwelling. “This house above the Rur reservoir is reminiscent of the famous architectural icons along the Californian Pacific Coast – despite its modest size. The glass façade continues around the corner and opens the living, dining, and kitchen areas up to the panoramic views.”

The private residence is not very spacious but it gives you the feeling of spaciousness. How did the LHVH team do it? Well, they replaced the classic walls with glass and they designed all the doors as sliding doors, enhancing the feeling of breeziness. Imagine yourself waking up in the morning with the sound of water tickling your ears and the birds singing at the break of dawn. Wouldn’t that be great? When it comes to the interior, the decoration process included mat stone surfaces, hand-finishes cherry wood furniture and walls that were completely painted white. The entire living space is surrounded by a wooden deck.