High in the Dolomite mountains lies an interesting looking faceted residence entitled The Cube House and designed by Plasma Studio. Settled on a steep terrain, between two existing properties in the village of Sesto, the contemporary property is creatively adapted to its environment. Triangular extensions of the facade fuse with the slope, as if rooting the building to its landscape.

According to the architects, it is the steep site that shaped the form of the project. The main living zones in the first floor and the bedrooms in the second floor are accessed via a small staircase located on the ground floor: “The single functions cooking/ eating and living are positioned around the circulation core in order to give connectivity and privacy at the same time. In the second floor, the single sleeping rooms are connected to each other in the shortest possible way”. South and east-facing balconies open up the house towards the magnificent views, while doubling the amount of floor space.