Rabanua House was envisioned as a summer vacation house, where times of rest can wonderfully be combined with other type of activities. Spacious and breezy, the house features several volumes and cut outs that favour stunning views over the ocean, on one of the sides. The project was designed by DX Arquitectos in Coquimbo Region, Chile, spreading on 280 square meters. The overwhelming site embraces solitude and relaxation, disconnecting you from the routine. The owners are a family consisting of three generations, so the idea of relaxing and spending quality time away from home had to be implemented in various forms. The greatest advantage of this home is its location. The house overlooks the beach and the water. Each morning is a reason to enjoy life and explore the endless blue dimension, while you hear the sound of the waves crashing against the shoreline.

Rabanua House is besides gorgeous and modern, an oasis of peace and serenity, a temple for the body, mind and soul. The house is divided in two different living areas (marked through two different concrete blocks) united through a transparent gallery that allows circulation and communicates with the rest of the house. Moreover, the interior exhales transparence and brightness, establishing also a special relationship between the interior living space and the outdoors. The panoramic views are the house’s greatest asset.