BLLTT House was recently completed by Enrique Barberis in Buenos Aires, Argentina. The massive residence consists of two levels wrapped in a modern rectangular shape and visually “continued” with a swimming pool. Geometry was taken further with triangular piercings adorning the lateral and back walls of the building. White, red and black were chosen for the exterior finishes, pleasantly contrasting the green surroundings.

As you step inside, you are greeted by imposing rooms with tall ceilings and minimalist arrangements, enhancing a feeling of soberness. The main living zone communicates with the swimming pool and is completely dependent on natural lighting during daytime. The color palette exhibited by the exterior is subtly brought indoors, complementing the presence of wood. Showcasing contemporary materials and generously-sized living spaces, BLLTT House seems especially developed for an opulent getaway. How would you comment on its design?