House U is a project designed in Dubrovnik, Croatia to meet the expectations of the clients, a couple, their adult children and their families. Spacious and functional, House U is divided in two different living areas, one for the parents and another (accommodating two apartments) for the children. Designed by 3LHD, a collaborative architectural studio, particularly interested in the integration of architecture, art and (urban) landscape, the House U is a relaxing living space, the sum of three residential units. “The house is set on top of the plot with a wonderful view of the Old City and Lokrum Island, while the lower part is intended for a great and lush garden.”

The zen house integrates seamlessly into the rocky landscape, due to the ornamental stone cladding that surrounds the exterior swimming pool and the house. A terrace is strategically placed between the two living areas, connecting the families through a shared outdoor space. Envisioned as a place for socialising, the terrace is a wonderful place to enjoy the company of the others and admire the wonderful green site. The interior is characterised by a simple design line and the furniture is custom made, underlining the presence of minimalism (colours and materials).