Envisioned as a playground for grownups, the Conan Play House is (as the name already suggests it) very playful, vivid and full of colour. The idea of a house that allows you to express yourself in a manner that reminds you of childhood came to the architect, which considers himself very playful and after meeting the ‘right client’, he felt happy due to the fact that he could keep his child mind intact. The project designed by Moon Hoon is located in a lovely neighbourhood in Daejeon, South Korea and it surprises you with its unique swirly-mesmerising façade, its interior that gives you a sense of vertical depth and all the hallucinating playful details sprinkled around the house.

The client is an avid collector of miniature robots and figures. He wanted a space that could represent properly his passion, without tainting the idea of a home. The living space had to be dynamic, welcoming, playful and overall, a place that inspires energy and cheerfulness. “The design went through two alternatives, one each floor stacked and rotating, the other of a box with small broken floors moving up in a spiral. both had its ups and downs. The client chose the latter. The House has a central core that is used as an exhibition space and a railing for his toys. the spiral and jagged floor levels follow the spiral stair case all the way up to the attic, where you can find a small red slide that traverses the void.”