Kure City is a seaside city, near Hiroshima, in Japan. Both modern and traditional, the city has a mild climate, historical buildings, a robust port and beautiful surroundings. The House of Uchigami is a recently built house with rustic influences, on a hill. The house offers a wonderful living experience, due to the enchanting views and the comfortable interior. Built with natural stone (both the exterior walls and the roof), the picturesque home boasts an irregular shape, which makes it quite unique and interesting, from an architectural point of view and most of all, visible from afar. The project was designed by Keisuke Kawaguchi + K2-Design.

The interior captures dramatic framed views of the site. It’s quite an inspiring and relaxing home environment, that enhances the feeling of freedom and breeziness. Even though you are sitting comfortable in your living room, on the couch you get the best view: you see the port, the sea and the sky. The open space living room has sliding floor-to-ceiling windows instead of walls, allowing the sun to floor it with warmth and light. One can observe the rustic influences sprinkled throughout the house: the kitchen furniture is made of solid wood, the floors, the staircase and last, but not least, the window frames.