Located near Madrid, this spectacular home designed by Dahl Architects + GHG Architects displays an interesting structure. The surprising contrast of brown and white makes the house look dynamic and playful. What makes it even more interesting is the circular wall that encompasses the house itself, offering a sense of privacy. To be more specific, the Moraleja House, the home of a family of five, aims to reconnect the inhabitants with the nature. “In a generic world, increasingly away from the nature, this house was projected combining the uniqueness of the place with the express wishs of  the client who wants to protect his privacy  but remain in permanent conctact with the outside world as a private space . Wishes that in time and space are hardly compatible.” 

Behind the circular wall, there are a series of patios nicely decorated, where one can enjoy coffee, fresh air and the company of a dear friend. The house spreads over two floors, being spacious, yet warm. The ground floor accommodates the guest bedroom, a library, a games room, the open space living room, the dining room and the service area. The four bedrooms with patios gym and study are located at the upper floor. Elegant and stylish, the interior feels breezy and uncluttered. The cut outs, the gorgeous decorations, the light, the angles, the neutral colours, the “touch of urban” (the graffiti wall) event the lighting system make this house unique.