We bump into all sorts of wireless charging solutions these days and we test all sorts of methods, in order to improve the life battery of our smartphones and tablets. We’ve seen it all, from green technologies to fashionable gadgets that cost a fortune, that remarkably boost the life of our precious tech companion, yet we haven’t seen something functional and minimalist that charges your favourite gadget without even noticing. Until now. Meet  DuPont Corian countertops, a unique and ingenious way to charge your gadget wirelessly without cables or plugs. The smart solution was designed by DuPont together with the PMA (power matters alliance) in order to make life easier and public spaces friendlier. 

The DuPont Corian solution was already implemented in various public and commercial spaces around New York. Starbucks, Regis Hair Salons, Delta Airlines terminals, Madison Square Garden and the Barclays Center in Brooklyn already use it. The process goes like this: you simply let your smartphone on any DuPont Corian surface and your mobile devices gets charged. The whole concept was envisioned also as a practical and efficient solution for households.