The  Westboro Home in Ontario is a residential project designed by Kariouk Associates. The house responds to the needs of the clients. They wanted a bright and lively home, yet intimate (with a sense of privacy). The house displays an interesting exterior (half black, half white), large windows and a garden filled with ornamental plantings. “The garden takes a “bite” out of the tight, permissible building area, however it allowed for an extensive amount of glass that otherwise, due to restrictive building code requirements, would not be possible. The courtyard’s lot-line side remains open, while its three interior sides are filled with windows and bring natural light into the heart of the home on both living floors.”

The lush vegetation surrounding the house keeps away the curious eyes of the passers-by and it creates that private green oasis, enhancing the feeling of freedom. It also establishes a connection between the inhabitants and the exterior environment. The “colorful” and whimsical (black and white) structure makes it stand out, emphasizing certain details: “the entry stair/foyer volume is clad in white masonry in order to visually advance and welcome visitors towards the walkway (while the volume housing primary living spaces as well as the garage below is clad in black clapboard in order to recede from the sidewalk).” The neutral colors dominate also the interior, unveiling a stylish and coquette open space living room, an uncluttered kitchen and overall, an elegant living space.