With a wonderful and relaxing view, the house at Zimmerberg Bottom is a residential project designed by Rossetti + Wyss Architekten in the region of Lake Zürich. The house, situated  on slightly sloping site, frames the views of the Alps and of course, the lake. Each view is worth a thousand words. “The construction is defined by a guide wall and angular concrete wall establishing the diagonal panorama towards the lake.” The house’s rectangular shape is completed by the mix of horizontal and vertical elements which confers a sculptural quality to the structure. Being constructed on a sloped piece of land, some areas – being raised are more private than others.

When it comes to materials, the house features a concrete limestone exterior, oak finishings and an interesting decorative interior courtyard. The interior of the house is painted in light colours, the furniture has also a light timber colour, exhaling breeziness, warmth and simplicity. The furniture comes in simple geometric shapes and it looks slightly solid. Wood is the main material used for decorating the interior of the house and it establishes a special dialogue with the exterior environment.