Yoshihiro Yamamoto, manager of Osaka-based architecture office YYAA sent us photos and information about Danchi Hutch, a modern residence the team recently completed in Kyoto. This house was especially designed for a craftsman and his mother, who had previously lived in a small apartment in the same area: “Danchi is a notorious Japanese housing complex. Since it is too narrow, it is often called The rabbit hutch. When the client consulted us to build their new residence, they requested a design of a narrow house although the site was large enough“.

The minimalist two-storey Japanese box-shaped home accommodates a garage at ground level and two traditional Japanese rooms with a kitchen above. Sliding partitions were added in order to better organize the space when needed. Walls, floors and ceilings are covered in timber boards. Natural lighting is allowed inside through generously-sized glass doors. [Photography is by Yohei Sasakura]