Technology can dominate dining in a negative way. When groups of people eat together, mobile phones can often become unwelcome guests. Checking for updates, sending messages and answering calls can be an annoying distraction during a meal. Zip It Tablecloth is part of a collection which highlights and addresses this issue, while celebrating the ritual of dining with others.

For many, the act of dining and eating together has been lost. For several individuals, dining has been reduced to a rushed affair. We “eat” but do not engage in a dining experience. In contemporary society, there are numerous factors to blame for this outcome. Increasingly, we see a large proportion of people eating on ‘the move’. Dining habits have changed. Zip It is one piece from the collection “Dining Together Matters”, which aims to encourage a different way. My intention is to celebrate the joy of eating and dining. Establishing the importance of eating with others is the core message of this project. [Photos and information provided via e-mail by Paula O’Connor]