The Sibley Wood is a residential project in Bellevue, Washington designed by Chesmore | Buck Architecture. The modern house, nicely decorated, meets the expectations of the clients, a young family in search of a cozy, inspiring home. Floor-to-ceiling windows frame surrounding views and allow the sun to flood the interior with warmth. Earthy tones of colour enrich the décor and enhance the feeling of coziness, transforming a regular place into a welcoming, lively home that blends with the landscape in harmonious bless. The house is divided in two different areas: one accommodating the living space and the second including the guest quarters, the bedrooms and the utility space.

Surrounded by lush vegetation, the  Sibley Wood is a truly inspiring home that deeply connects the inhabitants with the environment. The interior, boasting wooden decorations and plenty of granite and marble surfaces, exhales comfort and it reminds you of the outdoors. It also feels more spacious than it actually is, due to the transparence that characterises the place. Peaceful and relaxing, this Bellevue house, located next to a wooded knoll, is the perfect place to disconnect from the dreadful routine.