In the search for a more cost-effective solution for building demolition projects, Omer Haciomeroglu, a student at Sweden’s Umeå Institute of Design has came up with Ero, an innovative robot that recycles concrete while separating it from other debris on the spot. Conventional machines consume great energy in order to crush concrete walls into small pieces and spray large amounts of water for preventing dust. Moreover, in order to separate the concrete, all rubble is transported to recycle stations and separated by hand.

As an alternative to this process, ERO Concrete Recycling Robot “efficiently disassembles concrete structures without any waste, dust or separation and enable reclaimed building materials to be reused for new prefabricated concrete buildings. It does so by using a water jet to crack the concrete surface, separate the waste and package the cleaned, dust-free material.” Omer’s project won the 2013 International Design Excellence Award (IDEA) in the Student Designs category.