In this project, plusminusarchitects transformed a four room flat into an open working space. The flat is situated near the city center of Bratislava on a forth floor of a housing block originally designed and built in 1928 by Otakar Nekvasil. It is a old brick structure with wooden ceilings and no central heating. The brief was to convert this apartment into a design studio with a budget not exceeding 7500 EUR. The task was to remove all existing walls and create an open space with just one partition in the middle.

The concept was to insert as few materials as possible, adding only two wooden boxes made out of chipboards.One is used as a main wardrobe with space for printers and materials which are not needed everyday. The second consists of a bathroom with all necessary facilities and kitchen inserted from the other side. The original wood ceiling and brick walls painted in white are contrasted by the only black wall used as blackboard for project and sketches. The place is furnished in a wide range of different styles, as the studio believes in a mixture of new, old and borrowed. This makes the place feel alive, without resembling a showroom of modern furniture. [Information provided via e-mail by plusminusarchitects; Photos: Martin Šveda and Peter Simoník]