A relaxing ambience, lush vegetation and a bright and breezy house – meet House 780, a project designed by Stephenson ISA Studio, in Manchester, England. The client’s former house had minimal views over the surroundings. With a different orientation, the house could had captured the essence of the landscape. So, the challenge was to modify the house’s orientation, in order to take advantage of the site’s topography and expose stunning views across the surroundings of Halebarns, Manchester. “The form of the building is formed by two blocks, set at different levels, one of which incorporates a double height living space that takes advantage of the sites topography and provides views across the surrounding landscape via full height 5m glazing to the South elevation.”

 The house can be accessed via two bridges: a vehicle bridge and  a pedestrian one. The pedestrian bridge carries your steps directly onto the mezzanine floor. Once inside, you notice the bright and warm living environment.  The living room is flooded by light, due to the glass panels (floor-to-ceiling windows) that replace the regular walls. Whenever you feel like enjoying moments of tranquility, you can simply go for a walk around or sit in the garden, exploring from there, the wonders of the surrounding landscape.