A home with a view is more than just a home. Call it inspirational, relaxing or simply beautiful, but when a home is blessed with beautiful surroundings, the site completely transforms it, from a regular home to a picturesque dream home! Coeur D’Alene Cabin, a project defined by Uptic Studios, in North Idaho (Coeur D’Alene Lake), is a wonderful vacation house, a spot where you can feel blissful and excited about the lush vegetation surrounding the house, the lake,  the dusks and the dawns. Moreover, this summer residence is a cozy home, exhaling a strong sense of privacy. The perfect getaway – or to put it in simple words, the home away from home.

“The view from the site was an important aspect to the client and integral to the design. To maximize outdoor space and connection to the landscape, columns were absent on the deck. A steel beam system supports the cantilevered roof and allows the windows to extend to the ceiling, blurring the delineations between indoor and outdoor spaces. Large sliding doors and indoor/outdoor kitchen counters create a unique relationship between the deck and indoor common areas.” The interior mixes concrete and wood, unveiling a neat, uncluttered design. The living room offers a panoramic view over the lake. Picture the perfect Sunday morning, on the terrace, overlooking the clear, serene waters, just enjoying the shy rays of light and the fresh air.