This luxurious penthouse consists of three bedrooms, a large living block, wardrobe and a study. The owners are a young couple who had a wish for their apartment to be in a quiet part of Belgrade, furnished in modern, functional and above all friendly style. Studio for interior design and architect Sonja Brstina carried out the interior, dominated by modern lines and colors. The apartment is located on the top floor of the building surrounded by a spacious terrace, accessible from almost every room.

The living room, dining room, kitchen and library form a unique space where the purple color of rugs and pillows contrast dominant earth colors. Pink and green color dominate the room for a girl. The bed is positioned centrally in the room near the plaster niche. Indirect lighting provides a sense of depth and makes the space comfortable. The walls are set with floral wallpaper and stripes. Six spot-lights in the bedroom right above the bed make an interesting light effect on the ceiling. From the room you enter the small closet and the bathroom with luxury tiles. [Photos and information provided via e-mail by architect Sonja Brstina]