Before designing this project in Portugal, the architects at Paulo Merlini visited and analyzed other similar spaces trying to find some errors that could be corrected: “We found out that a basic error being committed was that most of these services only had one type of space. This design attitude ignored the variation of mood one fells during the day, or even if he walks there alone or with friends, needs a place to read a book or just wants to socialize. So, to bridge this flaw, we created three different environments. This way he costumer can select the space that fits better to his or her mood, rather than have to adapt itself to an imposing environment.

The presence of color and forms that are food alike actually makes people hungrier. So to get that input on the users, we picked the twenty most wanted products of the bakery and based on a pattern of global identification we found a middle tone and applied it on the walls. On the formal approach, we made the ceiling melt in some points to make it look like a cake topping”. [Information provided via e-mail by Paulo Merlini, Photo credits: João Morgado – Architecture Photography]