The House of Would in Pedrezuela, Madrid, Spain is an inspiration for many architects and designers, due to its irregularities and intriguing design. Made entirely of wood cladding, this fine example of contemporary residence boasts different ceiling levels and several interior courtyards. Its unique design favours a good compartmentation, dividing the house into different modules. The edgy project called House of Would was designed by  Elii on a steep slop of land, with little vegetation, but with a great view over the surroundings. It was built of seven wooden-structure modules, each module being dedicated to different domestic situations.

“The house adapts to the plot of land in a layered fashion depending on the different degrees of privacy needed: private rooms are hidden from the street and adapt to the terrain giving a feeling of being in direct contact with the plot. The more public spaces are closer to the street and gain height gradually, until they tower over the landscape and look towards the horizon over the rest of the rooms.” Don’t expect a plain and dull interior. It’s dynamic, warm and breezy.