Have a look at these lovely designs effectively converting a material usually perceived as lifeless with the delicacy of plants! The Planter Bricks envisioned by Real San Fratello Architects are concrete masonry units with the ability to host a variety of greenery. The bricks are modeled in 3D software, which is then sent directly to a 3D printer to be produced. This means that there are no restrains in terms of shape or size and that each piece can be customized to a client’s particular wish.

The final products come in a variety of forms, some angular, some curvaceous and have various sized cavities. According to the designers, the genuine flower pots may be combined with traditional bricks in new masonry walls or to replace bricks in an existing wall. Another interesting effect is emphasized: “The planter bricks have the potential to counter the heat island effect in big cities through evapotranspiration and pollution conversion. The plants in the wall help mediate the temperature of the micro-climate surrounding the building, buffer sound and help filter the air“. A waterproof ceramic version of the product is also available and it is priced $400, while the concrete can be purchased at $300.