If you’re reading this post in Google Reader, you won’t be doing so next week. After July 1st 2013 that’s this coming Monday! Google Reader is shutting down FOR GOOD. Our RSS feeds have been pretty reliant on Google Reader for years. (For those who don’t know- Google Reader was a free service that pulled new posts, or “RSS feeds”, from blogs & websites, pooling all of the content onto one easy to read page. It was an incredibly convenient way to keep up with all of your favorite blogs.) If you’re a Google Reader user, obviously you need a new tool to read your subscriptions. We have a few thoughts for you on that, so here are our favorite alternatives.


Feedly has become one of the more popular choices, as it very closely resembles the same features as Google Reader. The import process is a breeze, so you won’t lose any content. They also have more detailed migration instructions here: Tips for Google reader users migrating to feedly.


Flipboard is the most popular of the magazine-like content aggregator apps. In addition to its own curated feeds, it connects with a variety of social networks that can collect news feeds – including Twitter, Facebook, and Google+. For many readers, though, Flipboard’s lack of a web or desktop client will be a deal-breaker. At least for now, it’s iOS and Android only. You can follow us on Flipboard – just download the app for Apple or from Google Play. Use these instructions to migrate your Google Reader feeds into Flipboard.


Bloglovin’ is a great alternative to Google Reader, especially if you like to read blog posts on the blogs themselves, rather than reading the full text inside of a reader. You can follow Freshome on Bloglovin here.

Finally …if you don’t use RSS you can read us any time on your favorite social network.