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urban loft living room artwork

Bring urban loft style living into your home

As homeowners adapt to our ever changing world the need to make use of existing buildings and warehouses and renovate them into urban dwellings is more apparent today then ever before. The urban loft style originated in Europe when artists turned old abandoned factories and warehouses into dwellings to showcase their large artwork. Today, urban loft style living means showcasing the exposed finishes, wide-open floor plans that look over the big city lights and transforming a cold and lifeless building into a warm and comfortable abode. If you are looking to add urban loft style to your home, here are a few ideas to get you started.

Urban living with exposed finishes and materials: 

In most warehouses and manufacturing buildings of years past, the ability to leave concrete, brick, and wood beams exposed was common amongst large historical buildings. Today, urban lofts have taken these buildings and gutted out the old and partitioned off open space into apartments and condominiums for homeowners that love the city-life. Large expansive windows commonly only found in storefront retailers are a main draw for homeowners. Many homeowners take the concrete floors and stain them or seal them to give a finished look and hardwood flooring also creates a warm interior that urban dwellers love.

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urban loft faux finish walls

Use soft colors, artwork and finishes to offset the hard materials throughout your loft

Incorporating the rustic industrial feel of urban lofts into your home:

Urban loft living is appealing to many due to its rustic feel of open and exposed ceilings and rough and natural finishes. There is a way to combine rustic appeal with contemporary design styling in your furniture, decorative pieces and choice of colors. While rustic colors of deep brown, grays and blacks may be appealing thy cans often leave your loft feeling cold and lifeless. Incorporate soft textiles in your seating and ottoman choices and balance them with minimal lined furniture to give a welcoming appeal. Colorful artwork, accent pillows, accent walls and decor are all easy ways to marry the different styles beautifully.

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urban kitchen finishes

Stainless steel, chrome, bronze and other industrial finishes are popular in kitchen and baths

Industrial hardware and accents are popular in kitchen and baths:

Stainless steel, chrome, and oil rubbed bronze are just a few of the finishes that are iconic in industrial and urban loft style living. Use these metals in your kitchen plumbing fixtures: sink, pot filler at the stove, bar sinks, sprayers, and accessories and then pair these with cabinetry hardware to complete the look. Kitchen range hoods, pendant lighting, and stainless steel appliances should carry out a similar theme.

In your bathrooms use similar detailing to create a unified and rustic theme throughout your entire home. Look for hammered, and aged finishes over shiny and highly reflective finishes. This will carry out the aged and rustic aesthetic throughout your chic urban loft.

Get creative with multi-story living:

Many lofts are single story, but multi-story living has become an innovative way to create rooms and semi-separated spaces within large voluminous areas. Stairwells, mezzanines, catwalks, and half wall partitions are a creative way to make urban city dwelling feel like a pseudo-domesticated home. Using drywall or sheetrock to create a finished look to bedrooms, closets, and personal niches throughout your loft can personalize even the most open of urban loft spaces.

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urban living loft idea

Creative multi-story living in an urban loft

Clever storage ideas for your urban bedrooms:

One of the challenges in living in an industrial home that has been customized for domesticated living is making your comfort areas feel like home. In your master bedroom and additional bedrooms get creative with storage and bed options. Murphy beds or hide-a-beds are common in loft bedrooms that don’t have a lot of free space. These beds can be concealed in a wall or can flip upwards or convert into a desk or other multifunctional use. Shared bedrooms for children can use upper and lower “loft beds” to contain sleeping, studying and lounging areas in all-in-one configuration. Adults and college students can use similar configurations for their bed and lounge spaces by building platform beds or consider having a carpenter create custom solutions to house your bed when needed and tuck away areas for your clothes wardrobe, television and bookshelf areas.

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urban loft bedroom living

Bedrooms can utilize built-ins and creative storage solutions

Bring the outdoors and indoors together in your city dwelling: 

While many urban lofts only have the space for indoor living, many loft developers offer outdoor spaces in terraces and balcony areas to allow for outdoor and indoor living. If you are fortunate enough to have an outdoor space, bring softness to the hardscape with colorful garden furniture, all-weather area rugs, and greenery that is easy to care for. Small summer kitchens: a grill, sink, refrigerator and even a fireplace can create an oasis away from the world. String lighting, topiary plants and outdoor lighting can create a relaxing getaway to entertain with friends high above the city streets

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urban loft terrace outdoors

Urban lofts can make use of great outdoor spaces too!

Urban living has come a long way over the years and the industrial aesthetic of city dwelling can be had in any home. Use these tips to bring rustic appeal and modern finishes to your abode. Whether you live high atop a metropolitan city or live in a rural country home – the ability to transform your home into an urban oasis is all up to you.