A+A House is a project designed in Zagreb, Croatia for a young and modern family that desired a home, in the city area where they both grew up. Despite the fact that the house follows a certain neighbourhood design outline, the difference between old and new is noticeable. The materials used in defining this new residential project are modern, the roof is quite unique, the cuts are edgy, allowing light to flood the interior and overall, the house is a unique exhibit among this “collection” of adorable traditional houses.

“The new house follows the neighbouring one at the point of contact, but further along it expands, most obviously on the roof. Discontinuity of the house is alleviated by perpendicular raster of the cladding panels, into which the openings fit. Opposite to the abstract exterior, intimate and warm interior is made to suit the clients.” Dominated by an imposing staircase, the interior incorporates wood accents and neutral colours. Characterised by elegance and style, the A+A House is simply a wonderful, uncluttered space, where one can enjoy the benefits of a happy and tranquil home environment.