The J4 Houses is a project developed by Vertice Arquitectos in Lomas del Mar, Lima, Péru. With an interesting neat design, characterised by volumes and cut outs, the J4 project is based upon two different blocks, which define the entrance of the house and confer a mineral form to the structure. The volumes divide the house. On one hand, there’s the first volume, located at the higher of the plot, which accommodates the main bedroom and it has a singular level. On the other hand, there’s the second volume, structured on two levels, located at the lowest height of the plot.

The social areas, located also at the highest height level, offer stunning views over the sea. The living room interacts with a wide wooden-floor terrace, allowing you to move and relax, drink your morning coffee and even work from home, while enjoying the spectacular setting. J4’s irregular shape is quite unique. It was totally adapted to steep plot. The difference between the level height gets up to 5.50 meters on the curved side. A certain Mediterranean reminiscence surrounds the house: the white walls, the airy ambience and a minimal use of furniture.