This particularly beautiful penthouse apartment, located in Vancouver is for sale for (the staggering price of) $21,000,000.  You can get  your very own virtual apartment tour on See Virtual 360. Exquisite and sophisticated, the interior of this Fairmont Pacific Rim apartment reflects the lively colours of the Orient, creating a truly outstanding, bright and cheerful interior. The sharp colours, the glossy surfaces, together with the amazing panoramic views over the mountains and the bay will impress even the most picky people with exigent design tastes. A private terrace opens to the bay, so, in case you like your mornings seasoned with coffee and breathtaking views, this is the place to be.

The penthouse accommodates three bedrooms and four bedrooms. It’s spacious and breezy. The décor is precious, boasting smooth and soft carpets, comfortable furniture (armchairs,  sofa) adorned with precious velvet-like fabrics. The strong accents of colours: such as purple, yellow, lime green, gold and even silver define the apartment’s personality. The interior exhales a certain sophistication and despite the powerful mix of colours, it avoids clichés. Together with the precious interior, you get the stunning panoramic views.