When you feel like the hectic schedule is putting pressure on you, just breathe. Take a break, stop the routine and enjoy the little things in life. For a few minutes, explore something new. Break the circle. Imagine that time stops for a while. Stop counting the seconds. Just smile. Be grateful for what you have and be a lively human being. Happiness is simple. And easy to …”accomplish”. For some, happiness is the people that surround them. For others, a trip to the Caribbean. But most of us, associate happiness with our homes. Happiness “happens”, most of the times, at home. Wandering and exploring different projects, we bumped into Waiatarua House, a residential project in Auckland, New Zealand, designed by Hamish Monk Architecture.

“One of the design challenges was to insert a bold (in size and placement) intervention into a sensitive bush reserve whilst still maintaining a sense of modesty and poetic. The desire was to seek out a quiet architectural expression, one that is devoid of excessive articulation and noise; a silent witness to its surroundings.” The open space living room interacts with the outdoor, allowing you to enjoy the wonderful relaxing surroundings. Private, warm and comfortable, the Waiatarua House open to an oasis of lush greenery. What a perfect spot to relax and enjoy the day!