Located in the centre of the exquisite and vibrant Singapore, in Bishan New Town, this gorgeous loft was designed by AO Studios, to meet the expectations of the architect, Alvin Oh. When did you, last time, take a ride through the nature? In case you don’t afford the luxury of grabbing a drain of fresh air whenever you like, here’s a B plan: decorate your apartment as “authentic” as possible. Or at least, sprinkle that “natural” feel throughout the house. Natura Loft Apartment, for instance, is the type of home that makes you feel like you’re about to explore the wonders of nature: enthusiastic, energetic and refreshed.

“The main priority, like many other Singaporean homes, was to enlarge the feeling of the spaces in the apartment and ensure that it was spacious, free flowing and clutter free. The whole idea was to devise a series of sliding door panels throughout the apartment so that the home could be segregated into different sections when it is needed. Compartmentalizing the living room and other spaces is a perfect way to minimize wastage when the air-conditioning is switched on to minimize energy consumption.” When it comes to colours, the choice was easy: earthy tones, from beige to brown and grey. A stylish “pebbles” rug creates a seamless transition between the environments. A wooden deck completes the décor. It favours wonderful views over the city skyline. When contemporary urban meets nature, you feel at home!