Designer Vitaliy Yurov sent us images of a stylish roof apartment he completed in Kiev, Ukraine. According to the description he sent us, the crib is located on the last floor of the multi-storey building. It consists of the following areas: kitchen, dining room, bedroom, bathroom and terrace. Natural material finishes such as stone, concrete, wood and glass ensure a genuine feel. Panoramic windows symbolize freedom and dreaminess. Nothing superfluous, yet maximum comfort and functionality: “Balance of cold trimming and warm light – the main thing I wanted to incarnate in this design project“.

Tall walls, large windows and elegant furniture give away the impression that each interior is more imposing than the next. We love how the sober feel is slightly weakened by an inspiring use of color and decorating elements. Concrete walls and minimalist pendant lamps hanging in the bedroom give the room an hermetic, yet charming look. [Photos and information provided via e-mail by Vitaliy Yurov]