Bright and inspiring, the Aurea Residence, designed by Chris Pardo Design: Elemental Architecture in Magnolia, one of Seattle’s neighbourhoods, USA, spreads over 3,300 square meters. This contemporary house is divided in four different structures. Each of these structures offers zen relaxing views over the Japanese rock garden, perceived as an internal courtyard, a private centre that floods all the four living spaces with light.

The house is well organised on three levels, with the ground floor accommodating the master bedroom with separate bathrooms and a garage, where can be deposited two cars, the second floor housing two (guest) bedrooms and an airy living room with an open roof deck, really inspirational and fun, for social gatherings or family reunions. The third floor recreates a small universe for the kids. The house offers a large amount of privacy, without obstructing the sunlight during daytime. The upper floors favour stunning views over the site creating a calm atmosphere. That’s exactly what one needs, after a hard day at work.