Comfortable, modern and stylish, the Windowseat Lounge, designed by Mike & Maaike for Haworth Collection is a chair inspired by the need of getting a breath of fresh air. “The Windowseat is designed as a comfortable refuge from the hustle and bustle of lobbies, airports or open office environments. By taking architectural elements (walls and ceiling) and applying them to a chair, we are exploring the idea of sub-architectural space, creating a room-within-a-room complete with its own unique perspective.” The interesting and intriguing item is like this “safety bubble”, that keeps all the negative energy away. The bubble is not a bubble, but a small, private universe, a chair perceived as a room with a view.

The lounge seat is fully upholstered over a foam-padded rigid molded frame. It has the function to muffle the ambience noise, unveiling a different perspective. Whenever you feel like “unplugging” yourself  from the routine, grab the Windowseat Loung and embrace the multisensory experience offered by it. It helps you relax and keeps your mind uncluttered. The idea is simple, yet genius! Don’t you think?!