With a stunning view over the Peconic Bay, the Clearhouse (with a very suggestive and inspired name) surprises you with its openness. The house, located nearby the lake, in Shelter Island, New York, USA,  is the work of Stuart Parr Design. Forget the classic walls! This is an environment that exhales transparence, inviting the nature inside the house! The lush surroundings are the perfect place to go for a walk and rediscover the simple things in life. The lovely, emerald green environment helps you feel rejuvenated and clear your mind. Clearhouse gives you the opportunity to “feed” your body, mind and soul. People wait an entire year to taste the sweet flavour of vacation. This house was designed to meet the expectations of those who want an extremely relaxing home, all year round.

Clearhouse is a modern one story residence,  suspended over the ground level. The lack of regular walls favours surprising views. The uncluttered and breezy interior boasts intriguing home decorations, inspired by…life (there are human body parts decorations and stuffed animals). The suspended fireplace creates a truly amazing atmosphere and the clear, crisp and spacious interior transform this living space into a dream home. What’s not to like about this house?