Located in a quiet, wooded area, House K by GRAUX & BAEYENS Architecten offers a family refuge equipped with high living standards. The owners’ brief requested a building that would provide enough light and views, but with no compromises in privacy. A light brown/beige brick was chosen for the exterior finish, contrasted elegantly by white and black aluminum. 

According to the architects who developed House K (initially discovered by Freshome on Flodeau), “The requested program with limited living space was poured into a patio home with abundant light. By choosing this concept, the southern sun invades deep into the house. The living areas at the top are linked to a south facing terrace. The small terrace at the rear of the house composes the views to the wooded area”. The entrance, sleeping area, bathroom and storeroom are on the ground floor”. A lovely terrace delimited by white slats is located on the top level and ensures a vantage point over the neighboring area.