Located just steps away from the ocean shore, The Ettley residence was inspied by its landscape and reinterprets the relationship between solid and voids, a concept you can find in the field of arts: “The Aluminum and wood umbrella over the blue glass, which appear to be blocks of frozen blue Pacific ocean, juxtapose against the solid wood boxes giving an appearance of a modern seaside sculpture“. The house was designed by Californian-based architects Studio 9one2 and is a modern addition to the array of beach houses in the LA area.

The residence is structured on three levels: basement with home gym, family room and guest room, first floor with three car garage plus three en-suite bedrooms and second floor with dining and living area separated by a glass bridge. Studio 9one2 also came up with a way to add freshness to the overall design: “There is a vertical bamboo garden surrounded by wood slats that grow up through the building providing needed privacy to the master and to the main living spaces at the top level. This vertical garden gives a zen like feeling completing the richness in the selected materials utilized in the designing of this home.” Enjoy the virtual tour!