Argentina-based architect César Boratyn sent us photos of a redesign and home-enlargement he envisioned for a private residence in Buenos Aires, Argentina. Some words on the approach from the architect himself: “I focused in respecting and maintaining the original style of the house, and on the other hand I created a double axis formed by two  galleries crowned by wide balconies which are perfect viewing spots to appreciate the surrounding garden which maximizes the presence and magnitude of the house.

The galleries also function as warm and broad transition spaces between the interior and the exterior of the home- all this is held and contained between four columns. A cedar boiserie was recuperated from the original main livingroom, which formed a magnificent fireplace and bookshelves. An inportant wooden cornise was built to connect the whole ambiance which also spreads a surrounding Led illumination all around the room. High quality materials and finishes where selected for the bathrooms which have a sober aesthetic, are highly functional and are dominated by natural light. The furniture and decoration reinforce the classical spirit and elegance of the house selecting suitable materials and finishes”. [Photos and information provided via e-mail by César Boratyn]