The Indian-based architectural studio, Modo Designs, completed this gorgeous luxury home, located in Aranya, India. The Shah House, despite it’s “rigid” look (the main material used in defining it is concrete) complements the topography of the land. Spreading on 5,850 square feet, the residence features one single floor and a couple of cut outs that allow the sun to shine unobstructed. Surrounded by trees and a lush green turf, the residence looks like a good place to live a relaxed lifestyle. Nature has a big influence on our lives, so the closer we are to it, the happier and brighter we wake up in the morning. 

Back to our spectacular home, here’s a couple of things that you need to know about the Shah House: “The house is responsive and essentially orients itself towards the existing palm trees. It is designed to be inclusive of the natural elements- the sun, sky, earth, water and air.  The layout segregates the parent’s and son’s living units and yet unites through a meeting place – the central bay, that is more open in nature.”  The living space is divided in three sections: one accommodating the kids bedroom and the guest room, a transition area housing the living room and a third area, accommodating to the master bedroom, the dining room and the social gatherings spot. The interior is vivid and fascinating, due to the client’s colourful collection artefacts and artworks, gathered from all over the country.