This stylish LA Apartment, designed by David Guerra is located in Belo Horizonte, Brazil. When you leave your country house to meet the big city, your life changes 180 degrees. Goodbye coziness, hello practical lifestyle! Some of us, luckier or (maybe) more nostalgic, “borrow” the cozy and warm ambience of a country house and bring it to the new (sterile) city apartment. LA Apartment boasts a sophisticated interior, characterised by a sharp modern style with comfortable cozy décor elements (the clients requested for a warm interior to remind them of their weekend country house). The mix of wood and concrete displays a contrast. Despite the strange combination of materials, the interior looks uncluttered and fancy.

“The choices of the furniture, noted the concern of creating a place that prioritizes comfort, warmth, elegance and relaxation. That way we can see a mix of Brazilian designs with Sérgio Rodrigues, Pedro Useche, Frederico Cruze and international designs like De Padova, Minotti of B&Bitalia, Maxalto, Muuto and Mooi.” The living room, the kitchen and the dining area are not separated by walls. Therefore, the spacious living space looks unitary. The nude and caramel tones as well as the different types of wood ( pink mahogany, cedar and cinnamon) add a sense of warmth and colour.