Quite unusual for “an artists’ nest”, the Bridge-Studio designed by hanrahanMeyers architects and located in Easton, Pennsylvania is the home of a couple, the owners of an art gallery in New York. The house is divided in two sections: one section accommodates a painting studio (on the east side) and the other section houses a writing studio (on the west side). The sections are connected through an open-sided passageway. To arrive at the passageway, you need climb the entry ramp.

The studio is raised above the ground level, offering a different, more inspiring view. “The architects designed Bridge-Studio as a kit-of-parts, as the studio is being built by the husband, and has been in construction since 2005.  The project is nearly complete.  The insulation and the underside of the roof needs to be installed, as well as the insulation and the underside of the deck below.  All exterior/ interior walls need to be insulated and sheet-rocked.”  The surrounding site looks absolutely stunning, especially in wintertime, when the nature dresses entirely in white. The Bridge-Studio is quite private and tranquil, being surrounded by lush vegetation.