The ancient tradition of wood carving of Chinese screens is a lost art. For thousands of years, incredible artists would carve gorgeous screens that became an integral part of a typical Chinese home’s architecture. The fascination of this beautiful element of Chinese culture, mixed with the clean and modern design sensibility of Europe and a touch of the casual nature of California living provide the design perspective of this magnificent Q Lin Bed. The eclectic roots of the bed’s designer, work together to make a statement and carry the presence of a sculptural object that boasts 3,000 holes hand-drilled from both sides of the wood, creating the modern representation of a Chinese floor screen pattern.

The precision in which these holes are carved, speaks directly to the pain-staking process of old world artists. The glowing walnut hails from the mid-century modern era, so popular in California’s birth of cool movement, yet very prevalent in Danish furniture. This type of wood yields warm, expressive grain patterns that give the bed a personable feel. Each piece of wood was hand selected and chosen for the type of personality found in the grain. The headboard, the most dramatic piece of the bed, is one piece of solid walnut that reflects large sweeping grains of striking character. Q Lin Bed is available by contacting the designer’s showroom, Hong Kong Stunt Team and is made to order. [Photos and information provided via e-mail by Brenda Springer of Reveille, Inc.]