Westbury Crescent Residence looks like a lovely traditional neighbourhood home, with a twist. The twist is not exactly a strange décor element, aiming to embellish the structure or to create harmony, but an outstanding contemporary monolithic block, that grabs your attention, as soon as you see it. Wonderfully designed by David Barr Architect, the Westbury Crescent Residence boasts two different architectural styles, creating a sharp contrast between the old and the new house. “The project is formally manipulated to sculpt atmospheric and functional light into designed spaces thus turning an originally introverted residence inside-out.”

The addition welcomes light inside, completely transforming the living space. Welcoming and bright, this new white and light-friendly structure accommodates a laundry room, a bathroom, the kitchen and a living room area, for family gatherings. The structure is envisioned as an open space, airy and relaxed, so you can sit inside, enjoy a warm cup of coffee or you can find your spot in the courtyard, on the wooden deck. The deck comes as an extension to the new structure, emphasising the importance of a breezy living space.