Casa Wo is a 250 square meter residence recently completed by SO Architecture in Kiryat Tivon, Israel. Built on a hard trapezoidal ground, the architecture of the house follows the contours of the terrain and its original crisscrossed layout provides a good inner communication between spaces. Concrete and stone were chosen for the exterior finishing touches, visually anchoring the house in its neighborhood.

The building is structured on two levels, with an elegant staircase connecting the interiors. The first level accommodates a large open plan living area, enriched by an inspiring texture variety and wall paintings. A table for six has a privileged location in the core of the ground floor composition,  accompanied by large chandeliers that descend from the tall ceilings. Next to this, the architects envisioned another open space, especially designed for children. The second level accommodates the private areas: a large en-suite bedroom for the parents and three smaller rooms for the kids. [Photography: Shai Epshtein]