The Tred Avon River House, located in Maryland was designed by architect Robert M. Gurney. The house is surrounded by a beautiful meadow of greenery, offering stunning views, each time you go out for a walk. “The house is crisply detailed and minimally furnished to allow views of the picturesque site to provide the primary sensory experience. The house was designed as a vehicle to experience and enjoy the incredibly beautiful landscape, known as Diamond Point, seamlessly blending the river’s expansive vista with the space.”

Structured on a single level, the house boasts floor-to-ceiling windows, replace the walls, allowing the sun to flood the house with light. Composed of three rectangular blocks, the interior looks pretty compact and unitary (glass corridors link the spaces between them). Despite the fact that the house is located right alongside the river, there is no danger of flooding. The whole house is elevated four feet above grade. To blend with the picturesque surroundings, the house “suffered” a series of  interventions that soften its environmental footprint.