After the Brisbane River floods in 2011, this ex-1990’s cottage located in Chelmer, Brisbane, Australia, suffered major transformations. The River Room project, as the architects from  Shaun Lockyer Architects decided to call it, needed a fresh new look. The primary requests were to establish a better connection to the river and make the house a little more spacious (and bright) than before. “This design was about maximising the connection with the river to create a open and light indoor / outdoor living experience.”  The new built area captures stunning views over the river, while the rear of the house, completely renewed, allows now, the pale sunlight to sneak inside the house, during the cold winter days.

The interior is neat, airy and “wrapped” in timber. Floor-to-ceiling windows replaced one of regular walls, creating a more transparent and bright environment. Out of the sudden, the living room became brighter and warm, favouring social interaction. The clients have to adapt now to a new type of experience, in a more climatically responsive space. To increase the thermal mass, additional insulation has been installed in the ceiling, walls and floor.