This colorful home in Beaumonde, India was designed by ZZ Architects at the 31st floor of a building in a hi-end luxury premises and comes with a 360 degree view of the city below. The owner’s only request was a home that defines their lifestyle, love for entertaining and a casual yet sophisticated look. The architects had already designed their earlier villa and it was necessary to develop this apartment based in Beaumonde, a luxury home in South Mumbai differently.

The design concept for the Gupta Apartment revolved along the idea of reflecting the sky-blue color within the home with a base touch of solid grey as a background. It had to be very subtle and was very challenging to balance the same in complete absence of a natural wood tone on the inside of the living and dining space. A base of white along the floors in the passage transverse the users from one space to another. Accents of linen, suede and other fabric tones add a harmony within the home. The sensibilities of selection of the pieces of furniture and art, play along the central theme. In exchange to the calm indoors the continuous deck that connects the rooms on the periphery has been finished in natural wood standing out well against the deep blue sky tones in the evenings. [Photos and information provided via e-mail by ZZ Architects]