Eric Odor and Chris Meyer from SALA Architects completed the design for a 2,250 square foot sustainable residence in Minneapolis, Minnesota, USA. Entitled “The Urban Green Project”, the building accommodates three bedrooms and two bathrooms and was constructed with a budget of $500,000. Traditional and contemporary design elements were cleverly mixed together, resulting in welcoming interiors, filled with color and personality.

We were intrigued by this home’s energy efficiency, which is why we will list some of its highlight features, as mentioned by the architects: “Passive solar heating and day lighting, natural ventilation due to the narrow building profile and open plan, high-efficiency appliances, high-efficiency dual-stage furnace, dual-flush toilets and low-flow faucets, bamboo floors, composite fiber-cement siding, shell durability walk-through, blower door-performance testing”. Wood is present throughout (floors, kitchen appliances, wall panels, stairs), enhancing the feeling of cosiness. Next for the main house, the project included an unfinished basement and a detached garage.