When people think of their dream vacation home, they often start having this “somewhere, over the rainbow, where the grass is always green” kind of feeling. Our constant need of keeping a strong contact with the environment shapes our dreams. Most of the times, we rely on the inexhaustible healing power of nature and we imagine ourselves in a place where time stops for a while, just to stare at us, as we explore a world full of wonders. Inspired by nature, Marmol Radziner envisioned a vacation retreat, that preserves the natural beauty and moreover, brings it inside the house. The project is called Burton Residence, located in Mendocino County, California.

The Burton Residence is an exquisite vacation home, the ultimate relaxation spot, that offers a unique view over the wilderness, which is after all, nothing but a way to picture freedom. The entry deck  runs along the north side of the home boasting stunning views and a simple, uncluttered living space. The open space living room and kitchen are an inspiration and the perfect environment to forget about stress and problems. Sustainability played an important role in selecting the right materials. The architects used from recycled denim insulation to low-VOC paint.