Undoubtably, good design improves the quality of life. When it comes to the place where we intend to grow old, the dream home we all crave for, we are pretentious and very picky. We want it to make us feel safe and relaxed. We want it to look stunning and enhance the special feeling of well-being. Last, but not least, we want it to make us happy every single morning, when we wake up and realise what a magnificent place we’re owning. When seeing Hillside Modern, we instantly thought that this particular home not only looks great but it also enhances the feeling of a flawless relaxing atmosphere.

Oak, walnut, glass and steel blend harmonically giving birth to a modern interior characterised by openness and simplicity. DeForest Architects, the team responsible with adding a fresh look to an old hillside house, used “modern details to frame simple volumes filled with natural light”.  Neat and hip, the Hillside Modern residence is an inspirational house, that offers stunning panoramic views and a bright ambience. There are also several private areas, such as the bedroom or the office, where you can take some time on your own, without being overwhelmed by the light or transparence.