Surrounded by cascading waterfalls, the Berwyn Mill, located in Corwen, North Wales is one of those stunning and breathtaking idyllic homes that make you wish you lived in different times, when the world was way simpler and the people understood more despite knowing less. We’ve spotted the restored 19th Century water mill, that made us imagine a “healthier” and less sophisticated lifestyle, on Trying to Balance the Madness and we thought of sharing it with you too.

The whole picture is so different because it focuses more on the refreshing “emerald green” ambiance, the steep landscape and the terraced woodland and less on the interior. This time, it’s not only about the house itself, but about the whole “package”: the enchanting story that magically surrounds the living space, the lovely decorations, the materials, the authenticity. The Berwyn Mill is made of stone tiles and adorned with wood, featuring a landscaped garden and several woodland walks.

The project, restored by The DMD Group, boasts an elegant interior, characterized by rustic elements. Despite the gorgeous massive “raw” wooden decorations, the interior follows the streams of a very simple design line. Neat, idyllic and rustic, the Berwyn Mill is the perfect place to enjoy some fine moments of relaxation, in case you plan to escape from the urban jungle.