It doesn’t take more than a superficial glance through the photos below to realize this is no family crib. The Harold Way project in the Hollywood Hills was tailored by Whipple Russell Architects on the needs and desires of a modern bachelor. So much so, that the residence features 4300 square feet of shiny contemporary luxury, including the owner’s very own parking lot within the living space.

Windows encircle the living areas, ensuring unobstructed views of the vibrant city lights below. Here are more interesting details provided by the architects: “The floor plan surrounds an all-white open fireplace in the living area and in the dining area sits a modular marvel of a modern, motorized dining table. Throughout the house extruded skylights provide extra light, along with pivoting 12” high glass doors in the kitchen that open to the viewing deck. Downstairs is all Master Suite and Theater- a wall of glass maximizes the view from bed or seating area”. Find the place… attractive?